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And she tried everyday
With endless drive
To make the grade
Then one day
She woke up to find
The perfect girl
Had lost her mind
Once barely taking a break
Now she sleeps the days away
She helplessly stands by
It’s meaningless to try
All she wants to do is cry
No one ever knew she was so sad
Cause even though she gets so high
And thinks that she can fly
She will fall out of the sky
But in the face of misery
She found hopefulness
Feeling better
She had weathered
This depression
Much to her advantage
She resumed her frantic pace
Boundless power
Midnight hour
She enjoyed the race

About to Crash by Dream Theater
Part 2 of Six Degrees of Inner Turbulence

Me: “No one is perfect, we are who we are, never change yourself, be who you want to be, live life your way, never be unhappy, be over filled by joy.”

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